Professional CISCO certificates such as CCNA, CCMP and CCIE might not be needed in Sabah IT environment

Last weekend, I managed to talk to a friend of my wife’s, who has been working in KL for a couple of months as a CISCO certificate trainer, such as those CCNA, CCMP etc. She was asking me if she could have any chance to find a job in Sabah, as the dad has been asking her to get back here to work instead of working in Kuala Lumpur, which the living environment is not as safe as in Sabah.

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UBIS – A water billing system that really sucks!

It’s been a long while that I haven’t updated this blog. As the past couple of months some work has really made my life going little miserable. I’ve been involved in a project which is a conversion from an old water billing software application system into a new one.

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Will Novell be another evil SCO?

Will Novell be another evil SCO?
Novell won the court case. Linux finally goes legit! The copyright of Unix belongs to Novell, so SCO no right to claim billions from IBM and the Linux disti for claiming the Linux contains some Unix codes in the kernel. If you’re still unsure and simply paranoid that Novell will follow the steps of SCO to dig out some money from Linux users, now you can be relieved. As they promised, they won’t do the same thing as what the SCO had done over the past few years. They’ve defeated SCO and they’re the supporter of Linux, what for they’re gonna repeat the same thing as what the evil SCO did?

The Novell spokesman says: “We’re not interested in suing people over Unix, We’re not even in the Unix business anymore.”…..”We don’t believe there is Unix in Linux,” Lowry said. “We’ve been fighting that all along. It wouldn’t be consistent for Novell to say, ‘Oh gosh, now that this has been confirmed, we’re going to suddenly take a different position’ and sue companies for copyright infringement.”. But, what if they just simply feel it’s fun to be inconsistent? This is how today’s business men are reacting…. LOL.. Who knows? Perhaps, Novell wanna kill other Linux disti, so their SuSE Linux will be the king?

Anyway, there are still some unresolved issues here. Companies like Microsoft and Sun started paying SCO a few years ago as they didn’t wanna get sued that would have given them bigger loss if SCO won the case. The court will decide later if the money paid to SCO for the past few years by these companies need to be thrown out to pay Novell…


Yeah! Linux finally goes legit!

Yeah! Linux finally goes legit!
I almost forgot this lawsuit that happened in year 2003. Still remember? A lawsuit was fired by bloody SCO, which claimed that IBM and the Linux community has some codes in their Kernel that was stolen from the SCO Unix etc bra bra bra! At that time, probably everybody started worrying about if the uncertainty of using Linux.

Especially, those started migrating from Windows to Linux since couple of years ago. Yeah, we’re one of them, our office servers especially mail, web, name servers are on Linuxes. Even, our databases on Oracle are now on the Linux platform too. Except the workstations, we have now only two Windows servers out of 12 servers here in the office. Lets get back to lawsuit, don’t get out of track of what this post is meant for.

Yeah, Linux is finally legitimate. You can now freely use it as your workstations and servers. The lawsuit that lasted for 4 years finally ended last Friday and Novell is the winner. Yes, Novell came out to defend while SCO was pushing for asking billions of dollars from Linux distis and IBM. And the lawsuit has even created the uncertainty over using Linux in their companies. As people were all worried about deploying their servers or workstations in Linux would end up of having to pay much more expensive licensing to SCO, if SCO won the case. Anyway, Novell is the winner, some more SCO has to pay Novell. Since Novell is the Linux supporter, so there won’t be any issue about the uncertainty of Linux…. Start converting all your servers platform to Linux now if you have NOT!


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FireFTP, a drag and drop FTP client that works as a Firefox extension

FireFTP, a drag and rrop FTP client that works as a Firefox extension
I’ve used couple of FTP client software over the past few years due to heavily involved in web development that always need me to upload files to servers. I’ve used the kinda FTP client from command line to Windows GUI, some support secure FTP and some don’t, such as CoreFTP, CuteFTP, WinSCP or you name it!

FireFTP is the one that only recently caught my attention, simply but its name that has the word fire. Of coz having a name associated with the word fire is nothing a big deal, it could be just a marketing gimmick for boosting the product. The name FireFTP actually caught my eye from an attached CD that came with the magazine that I bought recently. But, anyhow, I misplaced that magazine, but the name, FireFTP, still remained in mind. So, having a little free time today, I tried googling around what the hack this FireFTP is about.

Well, I got it, it’s downloadable here. It’s a little different than the other FTP clients that I’ve ever used. Yes, it’s different as it works as a Firefox extension instead of a standalone program to be installed on your desktop. Frankly, I’ve been a Linux user for couple of years, but I haven’t got a clue what FTP client available in Linux platform, which is in the GUI mode that allows me to drag and drop as what I’m used to doing it in Windows, such as those CoreFTP, CuteFTP can do. On Linux platform, I’ve been using on the command line interface, firing those commands such as “put”, “mput”, “get” to get those files uploaded or downloaded. Of course, it’ll be lacking some kinda handiness while compared to the drag and drop feature in GUI version of FTP clients. Especially coming to uploading hundred of files or directories.

FireFTP works as a Firefox extension, just enough for me to use it as a drag and drop FTP cliemt, even though I’m now on Fedora Core 7 now. To install it, just download it from the website, it’ll go thru the process similar to what other Firefox extensions offer. And after the installation, you will be able to access it again on your Firefox by going to “Tools” then you’ll see it there! Anyway, FireFTP is still lacking the SFTP feature, I’d love to see an improved version later that supports the secure FTP over port 22.

GIMP, just enough for me to have picture editing while blogging!

GIMP, just enough for me for picture editing while blogging!
It seems to be lacking of some ideas what to write about today. Anyway, this blog post is all about is always the question that my friends and colleagues always ask, “what I use for picture/image editing since I’m on Linux platform?”. It’s GIMP. I’m no good at all at any graphic editing work. But, I’ll always need to include some pictures on my blog, as I always feel that the blog post must be associated with some pictures then only ut looks nice. So, GIMP is the one that I always use for resizing pictures and then upload to wordpress here.

Especially, when writing on this blog, I always need to capture the screenshot, as this blog contains entries about software, web app, Linux stuff that always involve capturing screen shots and also resizing these captured screenshots into smaller images in order to go nicely on blog posts. So, GIMP is the tool I use for doing all that. I ain’t no expert of graphical editing. What I know only is to open up a picture, lets say a captured screen, and then using GIMP’s image scaling function to scale down the image. For example, a captured screen of 1024×768 then I’ll always scale it down to have only the width of 450.

I hope to spend more time to explore more on GIMP. I’m kinda no graphical design background although I’m pretty familiar with web app development such as those PHP, JSP. But when coming to using GIMP or exploring other similar image processing tool, such as Photoshop, I seem to go impatient of doing that. Anyway, GIMP has been the tool that main tool for image editing since I was on Windows platform. Due to mainly it’s open source, no need to bear any license. All free for use. And it follows me even I’m on Fedora Core 7 now. GIMP had gone in during the installation, so to access it, I normally go to the terminal there to type “gimp”, then it will pop up! I hope to free up some time to explore more about the tutorial on GIMP later…

Who is the king or queen in the blogosphere? Wordless or wordful blog?

boxcat is heeeer………………..
Isn’ t it a pretty hot topic that you have to have a wordful blog or a wordless blog? What I call a wordful blog is a blog that contains many posts that each has at least a 200 hundred words. Those folks like ProBlogger will mostly ask you to write a post blog that is long enough in order to be liked by Google search engine and its crawler.

But, recently another type of wordless blog, ICanHasCheezBurger, a very famous blog that is all about those cute and funny pics of fat pussies simply for LOL. This kinda of blog is simply wordless or contains only one or two lines of words as what is mentioned in the pic. And they’re full of grammatical and spelling mistakes. Of course, it’s definitely a blog full of fun, funniest ever over the blogosphere with all the cute pics of those fat cats. It’s not meant for writing formal stuff, the kinda of grammatical & spelling mistakes are simply meant for the cats, for the LOL fans, that’s how they keep it funny. And they’ve even triggered some hot trend over the famous “icanhas” phrase and people seem to create the kind of craze to purchase those “icanhas” domain names.

By judging at ICanHasCheezBurger’s archives, it’s only a blog of 7-month-old started in January, this year. But, it’s obvious that it’s a super hot blog that receives millions of page views a day and makes few hundred dollars or more from blog ads a day. This can all be learned from its WhosAmungUs stat counter that shows over 500-1,000 concurrent LOL fans over the past 10 minutes. Theb history about this blog was it first started by the two programmers which was meant to have fun only. And they started finding the traffic doubled each month. Finally they “can has blogads” that is profitable enough to even make them quit their day job and focused on this blog!

My conclusion is your blog needs to be unique with content, no matter it’s the kinda of long content or simply short content or only funny pics. The most important is keeping a blog to target audience instead of search engines. But think in another way, isn’t it ICanHasCheezBurger able to pull more organic traffic from the search engines, due to most performing searches on Google or Yahoo all failed to spell or construct sentence correctly? It could be! That could be the way how the cheezburger managed to pull all the traffic initially. Of coz, the icanhas blog is definitely the funniest one that ensures its success to retain its audiences! Ummmm… started thinking of to have more typo in blog posts here, so I could probably pull more organic traffic, LOL!